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Feel Safe | All We Are | 2014

Music Video directed by Pedro Martin-Calero

ICU | Lou Doillon | 2013

Music Video directed by Lou Doillon


REINER: You like it because it reminds you of Argentina.

MALKINA: It is like Argentina. The Pampas. But that’s not why I like it. I like it for itself.

REINER: It doesn’t have to be like something else.


REINER: Do I remind you of someone else?

MALKINA: Yes. You do.

REINER: Someone you miss?

MALKINA: Someone who is dead. I don’t think I miss things. Things are here and then they are gone. I think to miss them is to hope they will come back. But they are not coming back. I’ve always known that. Since I was a girl.

REINER: You don’t think that’s a bit cold?

MALKINA: I think that truth has no temperature. There it goes.


- The Counselor | Cormac McCarthy | 2013